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        Algae Knowledge

        Algae is a large group of organisms, and widely distribute almost everywhere on the earth. In aquatic environments, algae play an important role as anatural basic component of aquatic ecosystems, additionally, a great kinds of algae are also terrestrial, living in soil, rock,snowpack,or in association with other organisms.Aquatic algae are found in both fresh and marine waters. 
        Algae range in size from meters to those visible only under microscope, for example, bull kelp can grow to 100 meters in length and have relative complex multicellular form,while single-celled algae are only few microns but an independent and complete individual.
        Algae are photosynthetic organisms that occur in most habitats. They fixed carbon dioxide in the air and synthesize organic compounds by photosynthesis to maintain theirown life activities, and as the the bottom of the food chain, provide food to other organisms and maintain the balance of the whole ecosystem.
        As a group of ancient biology, algae have many characteristics different from other organisms, they are an undeveloped source of human beings’ food, medicine and energy.Till now, some metabolite from algae have been discovered to be pharmacological active substance, for example, some polysaccharides and proteins from algae have been proved to be benefit to cancer. Besides, algae are rich of nutrition, including of polyunsaturated fatty acids, pigments, vitamins, microelements and so on.
        Macroalgae in natural habitat
          Farmed seaweed  
        Microalgae cells under microscope