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        The company will revolutionize the production efficiency and yields of microalgae, greatly reduce the unit production costs, and gradually replace the corn and soybeans in the field of oil and protein supply, to relieve the raw materials supply crisis in the energy, food, feed, basic chemical fields.
        • Mr. Felix Chai

          Founder、CEO of DeHe Biotech

          Felix has been working in the LED manufacturing industries for nearly 20 years. He brings a wealth of experience and know-how in LED packaging, heat management and optics of lighting systems in microalgae cultivation. Felix has great competence in starting up new companies, managing an international organization, and running daily operations with great track record in completing each project on time and budget. On top of that, he owns 10 invention patents on LED spectral distribution, completely sealed vertical photo-bioreactor and enhanced heat management systems.

        • Mr. John Rooymans

          Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of DeHe Biotech

          John is the Inventor of SPD technlogy, advocator of mesopic lighting environment assessment system, and senior member of EU electrical and illumination society. He owns 25 international invention patents, and he is known as the father of SPD technology. He is also the co-inventor of microalgae photo-bioreactor and completely sealed vertical photo-bioreactor for microalgae cultivation. He is deeply involve in the development of new spectrum and technical optimization of the lighting system for various microalgae cultivation.

        • Dr. Zhang Cheng Wu

          Technical Director

          Dr. Zhang is the professor of the College of Life Science, Jinan University. He is the project manager for the China 863 Program of microalgae bio-fuel refining. He is an International well-known microalgae expert and top leader in a number of national and provincial microalgae researches. Since he joint DeHe Biotech in 2016, he has led the company;s cultivation technology department as Technical Ditector. He also oversees the development of new cultivation technology for different micaroalgae species.

        • Mr. Tim Guan

          Director、Executive Vice President

          Tim is an invited Professor of Fudan University. He has a EMBA in quality and on-site management courses, and with many years executive experience in the world's top 500 enterprises quality management and manufacturing department. Tim brings extensive experience in the coordination and operation field of multi-regional production base, and high volume industrial manufacturing control to the company.

        • Ms. Zoe Zou,PhD

          Director of R&D Department

          Zoe has a PhD in marine biology from Chinese Academy of Science. She joint DeHe Biotech in 2016 and before than she has been engaged in natural science and microalgae research for many years. She has professional and profound scientific research experience in the field of microalgae expansion, cultivation and applications . She is currently the microalgae application specialist in DeHe Biotech, where she is responsible for developing new microalgae applications in the field of nutraceutical, food, and feed. Zoe also owns 3 patents in the field of microalgae invention and made great contributions to the field of microalgae science.