Customer Service

"Services and products are equally important" is one of our company's important business philosophies.
The quality of the product is the hardware of the enterprise brand, the service is the software of the enterprise brand, and they are indispensable, and complement each other.
Professional services and high-quality products are the performance of the company’s strength. The Company attaches great importance to the training and reserves of technology and service-related talents.

Product technical services:
The company’s personnel have wealth of experiences in the field; in addition, the company has a more complete laboratory and high level of technical department; if our customers have any problems, our technical department will give satisfactory reply to customers as much as possible.Please contact us at +86-755-8999-8819 or email us at

Production Services:
Through years of technology accumulation, we have a wealth of product experience and excellent technology, so that we can provide customers with a full range of production services, from new product development to production, from finished product packaging to transport, etc.. Our professional production team and advanced laboratories can provide various services from product innovation, R&D and efficient production to advanced detection and analysis. In addition, for various kinds of orders, we can provide a variety of production options, including mixing, granulation, extraction, purification and drying, to ensure that we can provide unique, efficient and highly market-oriented products to our customers.

Packaging Logistics and Transportation Services:
We can implement packaging and transportation according to customers’ special requirements and ensure timely delivery; in addition, we can ensure no error and omissions during the transportation. If customers have any questions about the product quality, we can provide services of goods return and replacement for customers.