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Anhui Debao Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a nationally certified High-Tech enterprise dedicated to life science and microalgal biotechnology.  As a high-value microalgae producer, smart industrial systems are integrated into our production processes. Our goal is to become a platform for the complete supply chain of B2B high-value microalgal raw material. Currently, our industrialized microalgae production processes, as well as the natural astaxanthin produced, are already leading the Chinese market.

Anhui Debao’s R&D team boasts scientists from all around the globe, through years of innovation, we have developed a patented industrialized microalgae production system centered on the SPD technology. With our advanced production system, we are now fortifying our position as a globally active high-value microalgae supplier, delivering our high-quality microalgal products and solutions, including astaxanthin, to pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement,  cosmetic, functional food producers all around the world.

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