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  • Enterprise Vision

    With the power of science and technology, to change the microalgae industry. Offer a safe, friendly and stable material supply to the life sciences, energy, food, cosmetic, phamaceutical, medicine, and animal feed industries.

  • Core Values

    Always care for life on earth and the living earth, with a forward-looking business philosophy to run a sustainable microalgae company providing technological advances in microalgae industry, and alternative microalgae resources to support and care for our society.

  • Business Philosophy

    Respect Talent, Explore Science, Integrate Resources, Repay the Society.

  • Our Mission

    Integrating the latest technology in light energy control, microalgae cultivation, artificial intelligence and other disciplines , and utilizing the surplus energy, we significantly reduce the microalgae unit production costs, revolutionary increase the production capacity of microalgae, and provide a safe, high quality, and hyginenic material to dietary supplement, cosmetic, phamaceutical and animal feed industries.

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