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    Dr Yuan Lan ( New Zealand)
    Dehe Biological CTO, Chief Scientist
    Shareholder of Dehe Biological Research and Development Center, founder of New Zealand Davit Precision Nutrition Research Institute, leader of Dehe Biological Research and Development Center.
    · Doctor of Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan;
    · Visiting Researcher, Tokyo Pharmaceutical University, Japan;
    · Senior Research Fellow, Wellington School of Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand;
    · Engaged in the research and development of functional food raw materials for a long time, put more than 100 products into the market, including the world famous brands AHCC®, GCP®, Oligonol®, etc., and obtained a number of related patents.
  • Mr John Rooymans (Netherlands)
    Chief scientist of optics
    Co-founder, original shareholder, inventor of global SPD technology, maker of light environment evaluation system;
    Veteran member of IES and European Society of Electric Light Sources, winner of ASEAN Lifetime Science and Technology Achievement Award;
    NATO and EU lighting standard maker, 25 international invention patent applicant, known as the father of RGB mixed light technology school.
    Co-inventor of microalgae light energy generator, automatic raviogenic Rhodococcus culture system and vertical microalgae generator.
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    Dr. Zou Lihong (China)
    Chief scientist of microalgae
    Principal Researcher in biosynthetic biology at Dehe
    Dehe Biological shareholder PhD, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Major in Marine biology, specializing in algology;
    The research contents include algae cultivation, culture, physiology and biochemistry, algae ecology, genetics, molecular biology, development of algae secondary metabolites active substances, etc.
    He has participated in many national, Academy of Sciences, provincial and local projects, and is the main sponsor of "Large-scale algae culture production of active substance EPA/DHA", "Anti-tumor Marine biological New drug RAPD", "Seaweed Suspension Filamentous and monospore cell Seed Project",
    "Exploration and Research on the Production of Defensin Using Transbase Kelp", etc.
    Participated in many algae investigation and separation in inland waters and offshore production practice, and was the main inventor of 15 algae invention patents.
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    Dr Tong Li (China)
    Principal Investigator, Microalgae Carbon Neutralization Project
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Cologne, Germany
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany Under the guidance of Professor Michael Melkonian, an international leading expert on microalgae, at the University of Cologne, Germany, he mainly studies microalgae biotechnology, including the use of microalgae for sewage treatment and carbon dioxide emission reduction.
    He was a postdoctoral researcher at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Marine Biology in Germany, Together with Dr. Drik de Beer from the famous Max Planck Institute in Germany and Professor Marc Jing from the University of Calgary, he participated in the project of using microalgae to reduce carbon dioxide emission and produce bioenergy.
  • Mr. CAI Minghan (American)
    Director of Dehe Biology
    Founder shareholder of Shenzhen Dehe Biotechnology Co., LTD.;
    Electrical Engineering, University of Mississippi, USA;
    Computer Information management at University of Wisconsin, USA;
    He used to be the marketing director of Imatai Optoelectronic Co., LTD., and the Asia Pacific Marketing Director of AXT INC.
    For many years, I have worked as the head of the Asia-Pacific company listed on the main board of NYSE in the field of LED chips in the United States. I have unique insights and proprietary technologies in the field of LED chips, packaging, optics and heat dissipation. I have 10 personal invention patents.
    Co-inventor of microalgae light energy generator, automatic raviogenic Rhodococcus culture system and vertical microalgae generator. Deep overseas market resources and contacts.
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    Mr. Shi Huishuai
    Chief Engineer of microalgae Carbon Neutralization project
    Biotechnology, Ludong University (Bachelor of Science).
    Participated in the design, construction and commissioning of many large-scale biological factories. Many years of experience in microalgae industrial culture technology and other biological research and development, participated in the large-scale culture technology and deep processing research and development of microalgae projects such as microalgae, Chlorella, Rhodochlorella pluvium, Phaeodactylum trichoderma; Participated in the national 863 project "CCUS Key Technology of coal flue gas" microalgae application direction factory experiment; Participated in the Fujian Provincial Department of Forestry "Pingtan Island Xylotoxin moth biological control project".

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